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About this journal
This is the journal for Miko no da's fanfiction. There will be male/male relationships, female/female relationships, male/female relationships, and some explicit stories. All explicit content will be marked as such. I am not making any money from the stories I write, and all characters are the property of their creators unless otherwise indicated.

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To-do List

The top five priorities are marked as such, but they are subject to change at any time and without warning.

Pictures based on my stories are always welcome, no need to ask permission. I will ask if I can post them on my website along with the stories, with credit to the artist of course. Sadly my schedule is packed enough that I can no longer offer request fic in return for every picture that is drawn for me, but every one is treasured.


Equivalent Trade or other obligation:

1) 2YN entries
2) Yuri story for next ShousetsuBang*Bang issue (due Apr 17)
4) SSBB: VR (due May/June ??)
- cover story for Aug SSBB issue (waiting on Ravyn)
- Snowflake for Twilight Rising

In Progress:

3) MK: Philo's new experiment - Roxis/Vayne
- 2008 NaNovel: Defying Destiny - 1st draft
- 2005 NaNovel: On Wings of Madness - 2nd draft

To Be Written:

5) Snowflake for 'On Wings of Madness'

Things To Keep In Mind )

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