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This is the journal for Miko no da's fanfiction. There will be male/male relationships, female/female relationships, male/female relationships, and some explicit stories. All explicit content will be marked as such. I am not making any money from the stories I write, and all characters are the property of their creators unless otherwise indicated.

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[Fic] Kink Bingo - Orgy - Embryon

Fff, they'd better not keep doubling in size like this, or it's going to get out of hand really fast. I think the next one will be much shorter.

Kink: Orgy
Series: Digital Devil Saga
Pairing: Embryon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: It's a fic for kink bingo. It's kinky, and X-rated. Nuff said.
Length: 4136

Not every change brought by the lights is a bad one.

Since the Awakening the others had become so unpredictable they were almost predictable about it. )

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[Fic] What's In A Kiss? - DDS, Heat/Cielo

Okay, I was just telling [info]laylah last night that as much as I'm enjoying watching these two in [info]alternate_u, I couldn't imagine it happening in a canon situation. I should know better than to say things like that. *sighs* I spent half the night lying awake in bed while Heat ran this through my head on endless repeat - MINUS the good parts, I might add, so I didn't even get to enjoy that. He even forced me to create a new station on pandora full of music that I don't like, because Heat refused to be written while I was listening to my usual softer stuff.

I haven't even finished the first game yet, let alone the second, and I know there are all kinds of plot twists I haven't gotten to yet. But I figured since they don't have the slightest clue what's going on at this point in the game either, it might be safe to venture a PWP, at least. Any mistakes in canon are obviously my own damn fault for writing for something before I've gotten through all the canon, which I hate doing.

Yes, you heard me right. An actual *gasp* PWP. In less than 5k, let alone 10k. Yay me! Of course, it started out as a character introspective for Heat so I guess maybe it's not quite a PWP. I'm sure the epic stuff will come in time. But not until AFTER I'm done the games. Next chapter of TGTBT out soon, I promise.

[info]blue_soaring, this one is for you, because you are evil and fed my addictive personality lent me the games in the first place. Thank you!

Set just after defeating Varin/Colonel Beck in Ajna. I tried to avoid major plot spoilers, but there are spoilers for things that happen to Heat and Sera. And basic 'this is the premise of the game' spoilers, but those are kind of hard to avoid.

...I can't believe I ran out and made an icon just so I could post this. Also? I hate writing accents.

Title: What's In A Kiss?
Series: Digital Devil Saga
Pairing: Heat/Cielo
Rating: NC17
Warnings: lemon, yaoi, spoilers for the game
Length: 4417

Cielo's just being a good friend. Really.

This is not work safe!

Maybe he'd done it wrong, or forgotten something. Maybe Cielo, who seemed to like everyone and hardly ever got upset at anything, could tell him how to fix it. )

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