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This is the journal for Miko no da's fanfiction. There will be male/male relationships, female/female relationships, male/female relationships, and some explicit stories. All explicit content will be marked as such. I am not making any money from the stories I write, and all characters are the property of their creators unless otherwise indicated.

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miko_no_da [userpic]
[Fic] Kink Bingo: Caning - Raidou

This is set during the first game, right after you defeat the first Red Cape in, uh, Ginza-cho I think it was. No real spoilers for the game. The idea is based on the interview with the game designers in the walkthrough book, where they mention that Raidou's outfit is in fact an accurate representation of what high school boys in Tokyo wore during that period. I have no idea if caning was a common punishment in Japan, but it certainly was in England at that time.

For those not familiar with the Shin Megami Tensei series, 'dia' spells are healing magic, and 'agi' spells are fire magic.

Kink: Caning
Series: Devil Summoner
Pairing: Raidou/Leanan Sidhe
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: It's a fic for kink bingo. It's kinky, and X-rated. Nuff said.
Length: 2975

Who knew skipping school could be as dangerous as going to Dark Tokyo?

That fancy uniform of yours isn't just for attracting the ladies, you know. )

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